• A healthy baby cries several times a day.

  • A healthy baby may sleep 18 – 20 hours a day.

  • Puffy eyes with mucous in the first 2 – 4 days of life are the result of drops or ointment put into the eyes at birth to prevent eye infections. This is temporary and harmless.

  • A red bruise on the cheeks of an infant delivered by forceps is normal. It may be followed by a lump under the skin in this area. The lump will shrink away in about one month.

  • Occasional spitting up, straining to have bowel movements, hiccups, and sneezing are normal.

  • Mild to moderately swollen baby breasts are normal. Do not massage or rub them. They will shrink by themselves.

  • Occasional bloody mucous from the vaginal area the first month of life is normal. It is due to the effect of hormones from your body to which the baby was exposed during development. It will stop by itself in 2 – 4 days.

  • There is no need to give your baby extra water. The water in breast milk or formula is plenty.

  • A healthy newborn might lose up to 10% of his/her body weight during the first week of life.
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