Lactation services in our practice are provided by experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioners who have completed additional training as Lactation Consultants. They are uniquely qualified to provide all aspects of infant and child medical care as well as lactation services. 

Most lactation consultations with our PNPs are covered by insurance as part of your infant’s medical care.

For information or an appointment please call
Alexandria (703) 914-8989 or 
Fairfax (703) 691-4700

Should I See A Lactation Consultant?

A consultation with one of our trained lactation consultants is indicated if:

  • You need help with latch on or positioning
  • You have sore nipples or breasts
  • Your baby latches on but falls asleep easily
  • You are concerned about your milk supply
  • You need help selecting a breast pump
  • You are concerned or have questions relating to breastfeeding
Melissa Goldblatt

Melissa Goldblatt, C.P.N.P

Laylah T. Gaeta, C.P.N.P.

Laylah Gaeta, C.P.N.P

Haley Harger, C.P.N.P

Kathy Durant

Kathy Durant, C.P.N.P