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For all conditions that are life threatening or limb threatening, Go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Doctor’s Office, Urgent Care, or Emergency Room? Comprehensive Chart


RSV (Beyfortus) and COVID Vaccine UPDATE

RSV Monoclonal Antibody (Beyfortus) UPDATE!

Sign-up on Portal ONLY for infants UNDER 5kg (11lb)

If you have an infant under 5kg (11lb) and are interested in getting the Beyfortus immunization for your infant, please click to follow the steps to submit the waiver via the online patient portal.

Updated COVID Vaccine Now Available for Under 5 years old in Alexandria office — Call to Schedule

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Symptom Checker

Provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics, a Symptom Checker for any questions you may have for all areas of the body is on the external website of HealthyChildren.org. You can choose a part of the body and hover over for a list of symptoms to explore for answers to your questions. Try it out! Click here Symptom Checker (Please Note: Best viewed on desktop or laptop. Does not view correctly on a mobile phone.)