Girl wearing casual clothes feeling unwell and coughing as symptom for respiratory illness.

CMA is currently experiencing a high volume of calls each day due to the increase in pediatric respiratory illnesses in our community.  Children across our region are getting sick with cough, cold, and fever symptoms at a higher rate than in years past.  Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is affecting children much earlier in the season than usual, and can be particularly bad for younger children.  Influenza from last season continues to cause illness as well, whereas this virus has typically phased out until newer variants arise in the Winter.  There are many other reasons for this surge in illness.

We realize that many of our parents are waiting longer on hold to speak with a nurse to get advice on how to manage these respiratory illnesses and when to bring your children in to be seen.

We are making every effort to find ways to help decrease the phone wait time but still allow our patients the time to speak with a triage nurse for timely medical advice.

We are also working hard to increase appointment availability for same-day sick visits in an effort to see every child that needs to be seen.

For those calling to schedule any routine or follow-up appointments or to discuss other non-urgent matters with our team, we recommend calling after 10 AM to avoid the surge in morning calls that our office receives.